"This is Your Life Portraits"

Portrait Artist Roger Swan creates portraits that are unique and original.

Queen Elizabeth Archbishop-of-Canterbury Linda Simon Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna

I am a portrait artist who tells the story of the subject's life, their family, work, pets where they live, where they have travelled and what they have done. I do this by creating a background to the work which uses prints which I copy from family albums or other sources so that I can literally tell who they are. I will then paint the portrait allowing the background to show through. The portrait painting is normally 70x 50 cms. They make great family heirlooms and I am frequently commissioned by a family member without the knowledge of the subject so that the portrait can be presented for a special occasion as a complete surprise.

I have studied and taught portraiture for many years and in addition to enjoying the work I love to see the person's reaction when they see the finished piece, an emotional moment as they see their whole life in front of them.

My wife and I are both portrait artists and we work from our studio near Canterbury in Kent where we also have our own art gallery.

Please contact me to find out more.